New experience at the nail shop.


These foam pedicure flip flops are a symbol of change. A new beginning. My sister convinced me to go with her to the nail salon today (I haven’t been to a nail shop since I was 19). I did a mani and pedi with gel polish.

They put me in a cozy massage chair and they performed magic lol. It was exactly what I didn’t know I needed :).

For so long I believed that those little luxuries were for folks with time and money. Today I discovered that I fit that category. I deserve such things just as much as anyone else.

Big thanks to Keng (my new nail wizard). Sweet and professional. I also want to thank my sister for opening my eyes to a new experience.

As long as you have the time (and $15 lol) give yourself a well deserved treat very once in awhile. I will try to do this at least once or twice a month from now on…so worth it. ~Sugarkisses & Love


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