New experience at the nail shop.

These foam pedicure flip flops are a symbol of change. A new beginning. My sister convinced me to go with her to the nail salon today (I haven’t been to a nail shop since I was 19). I did a … Continue reading

Special Moments with Sunny…

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A few weeks ago I woke up to the joyful sounds of┬ámy son humming/listening to Sade (old soul). Feeling the mood, so decided to start put together a little holiday aromatherapy. I cut up oranges, added cranberries and cinnamon to … Continue reading

Monday Morning Proud mom moment!

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Just came back from a Parent/Teacher conference: 8 A’s and 1 B. A few of those A’s are in advance subjects. Teacher comments: Elijah is an absolute joy to have in her class. She’s honored to have him. He’s a … Continue reading

Natural Hair: Here to stay or Just a trend?

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I’m so happy that so many are embracing and celebrating their natural hair more and more. But the more the natural community grows the more I keep hearing, “being natural has turned into a trend/fad and like every other trend/fad … Continue reading

Gluten Free Thanksgiving with My Dad (LOL)

What I wouldn’t give to hear my dad joke and carry on about the gluten free sugarless sweet potato pie I made for him about 3 Thanksgivings ago. See what you don’t know is my dad had diabetes and other … Continue reading